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Johnna and Jolie Hooks

nbspnbspnbsp In order to tell this story Irsquom afraid I have to start a little further back than contractions and water breaking and all that loveliness. Ricky, my husband, and I found out we were expecting a little one on April 20th, 2014. So- the planning beganhellipI wanted to connect with my baby throughout pregnancy and begin bonding early so I searched and searched for names. nbspnbspnbsp I was positive I was pregnant with a girl and Ricky was positive I was ... read more.

Lindsey and Shane Mathis

Just because yoursquove experienced pregnancy and birth once doesnrsquot mean you know exactly what to expect the next time around! Itrsquos true what they say about every pregnancy being different! I was due to deliver our second child on January 2, 2014. With my first delivery, I labored for 18 hours and progressed at about the normal rate and in the ldquotypicalrdquo way. I learned how to recognize the ldquoemotional signpostsrdquo of labor, and felt I was prepared to discern ... read more.

Keri, Spencer, and Camille Patty

Why did I want to have a natural birth? That is a very interesting question that can have quite the list of reasons. But, for ME, I think the answer is fairly simple and uncomplicatedhellip itrsquos just the way Irsquove wanted to do it. Yes, I wanted to protect my baby and myself from anything potentially harmful. And yes, I definitely did not want any serious interventions i.e. c-section if they could be avoided. Mostly though, I knew my body was made to do certain things, and in a ... read more.

Victoria and John Ramsey

At 39 weeks and five days I started to get very strong and crampy contractions. That night I hardly slept. The same thing happened the next night though the contractions remained irregular. I had a good feeling that labor was right around the corner. At 40 weeks and one day hubby and I decided to go for a walk at the mall to see if things would progress. I let my midwife, Andrea, know. This was around late morning. The w ... read more.

Laura and Michael Griffin

Laurarsquos version of the birth story I guess I knew the end was in sight on Sunday.nbsp My mother had been keeping Violet, our 2 year old, for us just in case I went into labor.nbsp But when the weekend came and went, we asked her to bring her back to our house on Sunday afternoon.nbsp Even though I hadnrsquot seen my daughter in a day and a half, I didnrsquot feel like playing or cuddling due to some crampiness and extra Braxton Hicks contractions.nbsp I excused m ... read more.
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