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Birth Services

At this time we offer prenatal appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. We schedule appointments on the hour and usually have an hour we could take to answer your questions and just get to know each other. We schedule 30 minutes for consultations if you are interested and want to learn more about our services.  Please call ahead  to make your appointment!

Prenatal Care

The first visit usually takes an hour and a half to two hours.

  • fill out paperwork
  • take a history
  • initial exam
  • prenatal blood work and other lab tests as needed
  • talk about nutrition for pregnancy

Return visits can take 30 minutes to an hour.

  • check mother’s well being, urine, blood pressure, weight and fundal growth
  • listen to baby’s heartbeat and as baby grows check position of baby
  • prenatal education and continued nutritional education
  • talk about birth and your desires

Labor and Birth

Pre-labor/early labor:

  • Available by phone and for early labor checks as needed.

Active Labor:

  • continuous labor support
  • monitoring of mother and baby’s well being
  • freedom to move, eat and drink while in labor
  • encouraged involvement of husband or labor coach as you desire


  • freedom to move and be in any position you choose including the tub or birth stool
  • father can help catch the baby if desired
  • cord cutting is delayed
  • mother and baby are never separated
  • breastfeeding is encourage as soon as possible after birth

Postpartum Care:

Immediate postpartum

  • includes monitoring the mother and baby for a minimum of two hours
  • newborn exam for baby
  • herbal sitz bath for mother and baby if desired

Home visits day 1 and 5

  • exams for mother and baby
  • baby weighed and checked for jaundice
  • breastfeeding assistance as needed
  • Newborn Screen

Two week visit

  • exam for mother and baby
  • baby weight check
  • second Newborn Screen
  • support and education for new parents

Six week visit

  • final postpartum visit for mother and baby
  • baby weight check
  • answer questions about fertility and contraception
  • PAP smear  if needed

In addition to these services we have classes being offered at the birth center and other local locations for Birth Boot Camp, Bradley Classes and breastfeeding classes.

We also refer to local doulas if you are interested in a doula for your birth no matter where you plan to have your baby.

You can choose if you want a birth at the birth center or if you would prefer you can choose  a home birth.

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